Our Management Approach

Our Purpose

  • To enhance the prosperity and connectivity of farmers and rural communities across Australia

Our Vision

  • To be the preferred partner in all areas of the livestock industry in which we participate

Our Mission

  • To connect RLX infrastructure with people, technology and services to create the most efficient trading environment

Our Values

  • Safety - ingrained and lived (Everyone matters)
  • Integrity - in everything we do (Always do what's right)
  • Responsible - for our ways of working and it's impact (Own our decisions)
  • Innovative - in ways of thinking (Thing big, move forward)

RLX working with local communities and industry

RLX has a large, visible footprint in the communities in which it operates and seeks to foster productive, mutually beneficial, and positive relationships with people living and working those communities.

Community and industry consultation is an important consideration for RLX as it gives us a greater understanding of needs, expectations and interests of everyone involved directly with our sites and in the surrounding community.

Community and industry feedback has been valuable in helping RLX to operate livestock facilities that are safe, efficient and respectful of residences and rural properties in the area.

When embarking on new projects, community input is vital in helping shape plans for the facilities. Community Liaison Committees are established so residents and other interested groups can discuss opportunities and issues related to new initiatives.

Local employment opportunities are created during both the construction and operation of RLX livestock facilities and where possible money is spent locally on goods and services like earthworks, construction materials, hospitality, and office items.

Alignment of RLX strategies to industry and client-based outcomes is an important part of how RLX approaches investments in, and operation of its livestock exchange centres.