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HRLX Sales

  • Prime Cattle Sales are conducted weekly on a Wednesday at 8:30 am. Curfew is Tuesday at 9 pm.
  • Store Cattle Sales are conducted on every second Saturday of the month from 10:00 am. 

Site contacts

Operations Manager

Jay Reid
Ph: 0498 333 238

E: manager@hrlx.com.au

Site Admin

Jay Reid
Ph: 0498 333 238

E: admin@hrlx.com.au

About HRLX

The Hunter Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX), formally known as the Singleton Regional Livestock Market was brought under the RLX banner in July 2019. The HRLX facility is an important economic and historic facility for the local community providing the regions producers with a competitive market to sell livestock. 


HRLX has an undercover selling facility, feeding services for livestock (pre and post sale) and an avdata truck wash system.

Site Details

56 Gresford Road, Clydesdale NSW 2330

Phone: 0436 928 063