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TRLX Sales

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  • Prime Cattle Sales are conducted weekly on a Monday commencing at 8.00 am.  Curfew is Sunday at 8:30 pm.
  • Sheep and Lamb Sales commencing at 1.00 pm are conducted weekly on a Monday. Curfew is 11 am on the day of the sale.
  • Store Cattle Sales commencing at 11.00 am are conducted fortnightly on a Friday.  Curfew is 8:30 am on the day of the sale.

Site contacts

Operations Manager

Shana Wilkinson
Ph: 0439 888 224
E: manager@trlx.com.au

Site Admin

Karen Chaplin
Ph: 0409 595 123
E: admin@trlx.com.au

Receivals, Feeding and Delivery

Shana Wilkinson
Ph: 0439 888 224
E: operations@trlx.com.au


Please feel welcome to contact us with any feedback. 


About TRLX

In 2013, the TRLX facility opened on Pheonix Street in Westdale, Tamworth and is located approximately 10 km North-West of the Tamworth CBD.  This location provides users with easy access to the Oxley and New England Highways.

TRLX draws livestock from as far south Dubbo, deep into the Hunter Valley and as far North as Tenterfield and Goondiwindi along with a lot of Western livestock. TRLX has experienced great growth since the opening of the new facility and has become one of NSW's strongest store markets. Apart from sale day services TRLX offers a variety of other services such as transit spelling, bunk feeding, yard weaning and animal health treatments. TRLX continually reinvests back into the facility.


  • Fri 7 May

    • 13
    • 15


  • Sat 8 May

    • 14
    • 20


  • Sun 9 May

    • 12
    • 19


Site Details

7 Phoenix Street
Westdale NSW 2340

Phone: 02 6764 9700

Email: admin@trlx.com.au