CVLX Ballarat leads the way in Sheep EID

The Central Victoria Livestock Exchange (CVLX) at Ballarat is the first livestock selling facilit...

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New CVLX Construction Commences

Construction of the new Central Victoria Livestock Exchange (CVLX) is now underway with bulk eart...

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A three week hot streak at CVLX

For the third week in a row, heavy export lambs have topped the market at $245/hd at the CVLX she...

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Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tag-A-Calf Sale

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tag-a-Calf Sale was held at the Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchang...

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Today at NVLX we yarded 308 Cows and 41 Bulls. Bulls reaching a top of 274.0 cents per kilo and Cows sold to a top of 261.20 cents per kilo.

Wodonga Market Wrap In a smaller yarding at NVLX Wodonga trade cattle prices showed a softer trend this week, along with weaker competition from feedlots and restockers. The highlight of the sale was the export market which was boosted by stronger demand from Thomas Food International. Bullocks rates lifted 7c making from 272-298c to average 294c/kg. Heavy grown steers 500-600kg benefited from stronger domestic competition which helped underpin values. Heavy steers lifted 4c making from 270-300c/kg. Price results for vealers was significantly lower which was mostly quality related. The limited supply averaged 20c cheaper making from 280-320c/kg. While trade prices have become cheaper in the past two weeks, the better finished and well-bred supplementary fed heifers, with plenty of shape held their value best. Medium weight trade heifers 400-500kg sold firm making from 260-310c with a single sale to 312c/kg. Competition fluctuated for supplementary fed steers which suited domestic processors while grass finished did not attract all buyers and price dipped 13c/kg. Well finished steers sold to high of 304c while other sales ranged from 280-300c/kg. A pen of lighter weight supplementary fed steers under 400kg fired the bidding reaching a top price of 363c/kg. There was not the depth in feedlot activity and this did have an adverse effect on lighter categories, with rates easing 7c making from 282-322c/kg. Medium weight steers sold to strong local feedlot demand lifting 13c fetching 280-312 c to average 305c/kg. Heifers suitable to feed-on were limited and the leaner well-bred types slipped 5c making from 260-299c/kg. The cow market mostly tracked firm in a smaller yarding and less processor competition. Heavy cows sold at 238-261c to average 243c/kg. Leaner grades crept 1c higher making from 212-235c/kg. Written by Leann Dax


69 head sold at the Hazeldean Angus and Senegus Sale today! Total average of $4688 With a clearance of 94.5% Sale topped at $11,500 The Angus averaged $5684 with a top of $11,500 The Senegus averaged $4310 with a top of $8000

Today at NVLX we yarded 873 head of cattle with Steers selling to a top of 322.20 cents per kilo and Heifers sold to a top of 320.20 cents per kilo. Vealer Steers reached 362.60 cents per kilo and Vealer Heifers reaching to a top of 345.60 cents per kilo. Tomorrow at NVLX we are expecting 435 Cows and 44 Bulls with Market starting at 8:00am #nvlx


NVLX Prime Market Top Quotes


Hazeldean Angus & Senegus sale is under way! Lot 7 selling for $11,500 to Windsorvale Grazing of Charters Towers!