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NVLX Draw - Prime Sale 11 December 2018 - 2505 Head (935 Export 1570 Trade) Cow/Bull Sale 12 December 2018 460 Cows 41 Bulls.


The #CentralTablelands will be well represented at this years Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association Ltd NSW Young Auctioneers Competition next year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. A big shout out to Cooper Byrnes - Langlands Hanlon and Sam Smith - Kevin Miller Whitty Lennon & Co on their selection in the competition. Congratulations to all the competitors. #CTLX and #RLX are a proud sponsor of this event and we will be there to cheer you all on. See you then!


Total yarding - 12050 It was a reasonably good quality yarding, with some good runs of trade weight new season lambs and shorn lambs, along with good numbers to suit the restockers and feeders. Heavy weight lambs were limited. Light weight lambs to the processors were $2 cheaper, with the 12-18kg 2 scores selling from $80 to $118/head. Trade lambs were $5 to $8 cheaper, with the trade weight new season lambs selling from $113 to $180/head to average from 650c to 700c/kg cwt. Trade weight old lambs sold from $110 to $172/head. The few heavy weight lambs were $3 dearer, with the over 22kg 4 score new season lambs making from $178 to $221/head. Lambs to the restockers and feeders were $5 to $8 dearer, with the restockers paying from $80 to $145, while the feeders paid from $114 to $140/head. Hoggets sold to $150/head. It was a good quality yarding of mutton, with some good runs of crossbred ewes, along with some top Merino wethers. The very best of the sheep were firm, while the plainer types were firm to $4/head cheaper. 2 score ewes sold from $40 to $89, while the better 3 and 4 scores made from $80 to $141 for crossbreds and $120/head for Merinos. Merino wethers sold to $142/head. Most of the better sheep sold from 395c and 445c/kg cwt. The restockers paid $76 for wethers to feed on and $124/head for good quality Merino ewes. Market information provided by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service


Today's Cow & Bull Market at #NVLX saw a yarding of 1145 Cows selling to a top price of 222.2 cents per Kilo and 57 Bulls sold to a top price of 238.2 cents. For the lastest results and reports follow the link to our website BUR - Rural Property & Livestock Corcoran Parker Elders Albury Landmark Albury Paull & Scollard - Stock & Station Agents Peter Ruaro Livestock & Property/Rodwells Wodonga Rodwells & Ruralco Property - Wangaratta Schubert Boers


Todays Cow and Bull Sale Top Quotes.


NVLX Top quotes for the Prime Market


Total yarding - 2265 Numbers lifted and the quality was fair to good. Yearlings were well supplied and there were plenty of light and medium weights offered. Feeders were most active and trade cattle were limited. Grown steers with weight were also in very limited numbers and close to 500 cows were penned. The market sold to a cheaper trend. Light weaner steers to restock sold to 331c and heifers reached 284c/kg. Feeder steers eased 5c to 8c and medium weights sold from 282c to 315c, while most heavy feeders made from 270c to 316c, with a pen to 320c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed were close to firm, averaging 270c/kg. Most of the heavy trade cattle sold from 245c to 260c/kg but quality was back. The few grown steers to process averaged 250c and lighter weights to feed on made from 283c to 295c/kg. Grown heifers to feed eased 2c, averaging 272c/kg. Medium weight cows were firm to 4c softer, with the 2 scores making from 155c to 199c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score were 7c to 12c cheaper, selling from 191c to 217c, with the prime heavy weights averaging 208c/kg. The best of the heavy bulls reached 264c/kg. Market information provided by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service