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Immediate procedural and access changes for IRLX - Inverell Times

Garry Edwards, Managing Director AAM Investment Group, said if an individual did not have a genuine intent to purchase livestock and were not essential to the sale process, and should not attend the facility.

"Those individuals considered essential are genuine buyers, livestock agents, livestock transporters and site staff.

"As a result of sign in / declaration information, obtained from individuals on entry to the site, individuals considered 'high risk' will be asked to leave the site immediately," he said.

To reduce the risk of exposure to, and spread of COVID-19, these amended mandatory processes that must be enforced at all sales from this point forward until further notice.

1. Mandatory Electronic Sign In

a. A contactless electronic sign in process (Sine Pro) that records your name, contact details such as phone number and email and requires responses to some essential questions in relation to your individual risk profile to COVID-19, must be completed on entry to the site

b. This system can either be accessed manually in conjunction or alternately you can download the app (Sine Pro) and enter your profile once

c. The proximity settings within your device, if turn on, will instantaneously recognise that you are in attendance at the site

d. This system will be implemented as of today.

2. Buyer Identification System

a. A buyer identification system which includes a visual identification and verification process will be implemented immediately

b. Approved buyers will be issued with this accredited identification once you have completed the necessary sign in, declaration and verification process

3. Extension of Online Bidding Services

a. The Stocklive online streaming and bidding platform will be available for each sale and is available via the following websites - www.rlx.com.au or www.stocklive.com.au

4. Nomination of Professional Buyers and/or Licensed Agents to purchase livestock on behalf of individuals not attending the sites

a. A list of Professional Buyers and Licensed Agents that are accredited and allowed to enter the facility is available on the site website and noticeboard

b. The numbers of buyers allowed into the facility will be restricted at the sole discretion of the site manager in accordance with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and state-based health authorities

"These restrictions will remain in place in accordance with any changes communicated by the Federal Government from this point forward.

"If buyers attending sites are not regular, or professional buyers, or licensed agents, please consider and explore all alternatives available to you that enable you to access remote sale-day participation."